How to Get onTap

1. Obtain WebOS Quick Install. Java is required. Download it here.
2. Run the downloaded .jar (typically double click) and follow the instructions to download and            install Novacom drivers.
3. Plug your TouchPad into your computer.
4. Click the globe button on the right.

Choose a method:

Preware: 5. In the search box type “Preware”. Click on Install. When that’s done, you can unplug your TouchPad.
6. On your TouchPad open the Launcher and open Preware.
7. Set up Preware by following the instructions, then wait for it to load feeds.
8. Tap the search icon in the upper right corner.
9. Enter “pivot”; hit Enter.
10. Tap on “Homebrew Pivot”.
11. Tap on “Install”.
12. Tap on OK to restart Luna when prompted.
WOSQI: 5. Click on the “Patches” tab.
6. Search “pivot”.
7. Select “Homebrew Pivot”, and click on “Install”.
8. Reboot your TouchPad.
After that, open up the App Catalog to begin downloading onTap (App Catalog can be closed and the download will finish in the background), and after a few minutes reopen the App Catalog and onTap should be ready for reading.
Homebrew Pivot patch options can be set in Tweaks (obtainable from Preware). Help for options is available using the help button in Tweaks.
For patch support please visit this thread on webOS Nation Forums.

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