About onTap

webOS onTap is a digital magazine designed for the HP TouchPad and future webOS 3.x tablets. The magazine is produced in its entirety by volunteers from the webOS community. The magazine is intended to be a replacement for HP Pivot, an in-App Catalog magazine for app exploration. Like Pivot, webOS onTap will feature app reviews and articles on ways you can use and enjoy apps on your webOS tablet, but will also feature works by the homebrew community, together with tips and tricks and webOS news. To take full advantage of the Enyo framework, the magazine will also introduce custom code to bring you interactive content, like nothing else.
To enable onTap, you must install the Homebrew Pivot patch available from Preware. onTap will then be automatically delivered to your webOS device each month.
This is our web-based version of onTap. Here, you can keep up with the same content that will be released on the TouchPad more frequently. Of course, you can also access this content from anywhere, even if you don't own a TouchPad.
Would you like to join our team? Contact us via the Official webOS onTap Contribution Signup Form, talk to us on Google+, send us an @reply on Twitter, or message us on Facebook!

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